StartLabs V


Invest In Top Silicon Valley Startups


StartLabs V Is The Early Stage, US-based Investment Fund, Tailored For Investors From Outside Of USA Who Want To Invest In Best Startup Opportunities From Silicon Valley


Fund Overview

  • StartLabs V invests in early stages of tech companies coming out of Silicon Valley

  • After we make initial investments from StartLabs V, our LP’s get the access to participate in follow on rounds and invest in the best performing companies

  • StartLabs V partners have years of track record in building and investing in internet startups

  • StartLabs V strategy is to leverage the unique access to companies coming out of Y Combinator and LAUNCH Incubator and participate in premium rounds which are typically closed for public


Fund Size: $500k-$600k

Investment Size: $25k-$100k

Portfolio: 10-15 companies

Stage: Seed and Series A


Investment Strategy

StartLabs V strategy is having a close relationship with Y Combinator and LAUNCH Incubator and investing in the top companies from each class. We have an opportunity to participate in investment rounds of fast-growing startups that are usually closed for outside investors and almost always oversubscribed. These are hottest deals that are virtually impossible to join from outside – it took us more than 6 years, lot of hard work and 20+ investments to get in this position.

We will be investing in seed rounds of YC and LAUNCH startups during the 2019. Our goal is to invest $25K on average, into 10 to 15 seed deals. In total, it will be around $300K from the fund’s capital.

As companies from our portfolio mature, they will start raising Series A rounds. Initial investments will secure allocations for StartLabs V between $100K and $500K in these later rounds. We will invest between $50K and $100K into 2 to 4 of those rounds, deploying the remaining $200K from the fund. The rest of our allocations will be filled by investors from our network, through so-called “investment syndicates”. When this happens, we will also offer you to participate in syndicate if you wish to invest more capital into specific companies.




Fees and Expenses: 10%

Carried Interest: 20%

Long Term Commitment: None (this is one time contribution from your side)

Total Fund Size: Target of $600k

Minimum LP Commitment: $50k

Investment Period: 18-24 months


Who We Are?


Voja Lalich


Jugoslav Petkovic


Nebojsa Lazic


Voja and Jugoslav have built consumer and enterprise internet startups over the last 20 years. Jugoslav is the founder of a Y Combinator-backed startup and an active angel investor in many YC companies. Voja and Nebojsa are serial entrepreneurs, building their own internet companies and most recently establishing the StartLabs as a most prominent early stage investment fund in this part of Europe. Years of experience in running and funding startups is a huge differentiating factor for StartLabs V and helps us get access to invest in the best early stage opportunities in the world.

Companies from the US that we have invested in so far, have raised more than $130m with the total valuation of the portfolio of $410m. And that does not include one, most successful company that alone has reached the valuation of $250m and raised $30m in mid 2018.


Why Invest In StartLabs V?

Our team works closely with Y Combinator and LAUNCH Incubator.

YC has produced over $65bn in value from companies like Dropbox, Airbnb, Zenefits, Instacart, and others. LAUNCH Incubator is founded and operated by Jason Calacanis - the most active angel investor in the Valley. He discovered Uber, Evernote, Tumblr, Calm and many others.

Getting the opportunity to invest in companies like these is hard, especially in their early stages when the price is very opportunistic. StartLabs’ unique access to deals like these is what creates a tremendous value for our LP’s.

  • Docker - $1bn

  • Optimizely - $1bn

  • Teespring - $1bn

  • Weebly - $1bn

  • Reddit - $1bn

  • Quora - $1bn

  • Zenpayroll - $600m

  • Calm - $250m

  • Heroku - $212m sale to Salesforce

  • Airbnb - $20bn

  • Uber - $72bn

  • Dropbox - $10bn

  • Zenefits - $4.5bn

  • Tumblr - $1.1bn sale to Yahoo

  • Mixpanel - $1bn

  • Stripe - $3.5bn

  • Instacart - $2bn

  • Twitch - $1bn sale to Amazon



We will be accepting contributions until the end of 2018. If we fill in $500K before that, we will close the fund and stop accepting contributions.

You can express you interest now by getting in touch with us, as described below.

Once all contributions arrive, we will start deploying the money. We will be investing in seed rounds of YC and LAUNCH startups during the 2019.

Best companies typically reach Series A rounds 12-18 months after the seed investment. We will be participating in these rounds during the 2020. This is also the time when we will create investment syndicates and special purpose vehicles through which you will be able to participate directly in these later rounds.


How To Contribute

We are doing our best to make this as simple as possible. If you are interested in participating in StartLabs V we would be more than happy to schedule a Skype call and give you more details.


Also, you can always get in touch with us by email at