We are excited to announce SendGrid as one of our trusted partners and, to celebrate your achievements, they would like to offer you access to the SendGrid Accelerate Program!

As part of that program you are now able to connect to the SendGrid mentors and get access to their best practices knowledge. SendGrid Community Team leaders are available to provide networking, resources and support to help you take your startup to the next level.

In addition to mentoring, you are entitled to their Pro 100k Plan allowing up to 100K emails/month valued at $1559 per year, as well as 30k profiles in Marketing Campaigns, and a 6 month starter package with

Microsoft BizSpark

We are proud to announce new partnership between StartLabs and Microsoft’s BizSpark – early stage startup support.

We love our startups and we want for them to have all the support they need.

With BizSpark, startups can have 3 years of free stuff – software, services, tech support, and Azure cloud. For those who need even more, there is a BizSpark Plus that offers $120K of free Azure cloud services to startups from StartLabs portfolio.

Amazon Web Services

All companies from StartLabs portfolio will get support in form of:

  • $5,000 in AWS credits valid for 2 years
  • Free access to the AWS Essentials 1 day web-based training (normally ~$600/course), AWS Technical Professional Accreditation course, plus 8 tokens for self-paced labs (normally ~$30/lab)
  • One year of premium AWS Business Support
  • Free access to 1:1 virtual office hours with AWS solutions architects
  • Special offers from other companies that help startups, including Chef, Bitnami, Amazon Payments, SOASTA, Podio, CopperEgg and more.

Amazon AWS is an architecture of choice for most of startups that we are working with, so this incentive will add significant benefits to the compelling package StartLabs is delivering to its portfolio companies.

We appreciate support from Amazon AWS team, who recognized the potential and needs of startup companies at an early stage of development and decided to enable them to improve their products and strive for a success!


Zendesk provides an integrated on-demand helpdesk - customer support portal solution based on the latest Web 2.0 technologies and design philosophies.

StartLabs startups that are new Zendesk customers and do not have an existing Zendesk account get a plan for one year that includes 3 agents on the Team plan and 3 agents on the Zopim Chat Basic.


Intercom is the easiest way for web and mobile businesses to understand and communicate with their users—replacing CRM, help desk, and email marketing solutions with one simple platform. Founders, Marketing, Sales and Support use Intercom to get a unified view of their customer interactions, segment customers based on their behavior, and communicate in a personal way via email or in-app messaging. 

Startups in the StartLabs program get 50% off all products for 3 months. This is in addition to the free trial available for all products.


Segment is one place to collect customer data and send it to your tools for analytics, marketing automation, and raw data access with SQL. You can implement all of your event tracking with Segment’s single API instead of wrangling a new API for every new tool or database. Segment's integrations let you send your data to hundreds of tools and databases.

Companies joining the StartLabs program will get 6 month coupon for the free use of, and any companies that use Segment before joining our program will get the 3 months for free.