CaseTrek mentoring within ‘LawWithoutWalls’

Ivan Rasic, co-founder and CEO of CaseTrek, a great company working with StartLabs, is invited to forward his knowledge and experience to the law students as a mentor on the project LawWithoutWalls.

LawWithoutWalls is a part-virtual collaboratory devised that develops the skills necessary to provide effective legal services in today’s global, multi-disciplinary, and cross-cultural marketplace. It centers on the intersection of law, business, technology, and innovation.

Ivan is passionate about making the life of his fellow lawyers easier. One part of this is achieved through CaseTrek, which is aimed at versed practitioners. In addition, Ivan strives to help law students by offering his personal business experience and insights about the state of market, new trends in the practice industry, as well as the key business skills for the coming years.