Endorsement for TalkBook app

TalkBook, lead generation and content sharing  tool for public speakers, from Croatian MobiCongained some amazing endorsement this month.

Zoe Cairns, international social media speaker, trainer and consultant, was supported by TalkBook at 3 events in February in Kent, UK.

During the event, to all her registered contacts, Zoe offered £249 worth Social Media Resources. Is that a good deal or what?!  

Since TalkBook let you collect testimonials and feedback from event attendees, Zoe achieved awesome session ratings!

Overall experience was described by her in a simple way: I love it!

However, that wasn’t all! Another endorsement came from Frank Furness, international sales, technology and marketing speaker:

As a professional international speaker, one of my biggest challenges is to share my content with the audience and at the same time collect their names and email for my newsletter. Up until now there has not been much until I discovered Talk Book. It is fantastic and does exactly what I need in a visual and interactive way. I can build it into my presentation and the setup is really quick and easy. For me it is the best speaker tool on the market.

Great reviews from celebrity users just keep coming – first, it was from Grant Ainsly, public speaker, trainer and award-winning journalist:

"I used TalkBook for the first time today. Great product! Every speaker and trainer should use it too!

Last praise came from Meredith Oliver, professional speaker:

“TalkBook is the most effective audience communication tool I’ve used. It only took minutes to set up my talk with the user-friendly dashboard and resulted in more email opt-ins from the audience than any other method I’ve tried. I also enjoy getting direct feedback from the audience with the rating and comments functionality. TalkBook is affordable and well worth the effort to build a long-lasting fan base.”