Growth Rules Takeaways: Test It and Think Big

How not to burn piles of cash? Which features to ship? Who is the customer? What are the right marketing channels? To bootstrap or not to bootstrap?

As we promised, we answered on those and many more other questions during the very intensive 3 days, hands-on workshops. Three brilliant mentors and 11 teams brought Silicon Valley spirit to the middle of Belgrade!

Day 1st with Soso Sashez: Facebook campaigns and AdWords

Soso helped teams to manage Facebook campaigns in most effective way. He talked about advantages of AdWords and in which situations is better to use them. He had 1:1 with teams where he gave them valuable feedback and concrete propositions how to create and promote theirs campaign on FB.

Day 2nd with Tristan Pollock: Pitch Like a Pro

Every startup had one night to prepare a pitch. Teams got sincere feedback from all three mentors and StartLabs partner. They heard some painful but useful advices how to improve their pitch deck and performance.

Day 3rd with Yann Girard: Growth Hacking

Yann himself has tried various ways of growth hacking for his own projects, so he forwarded his knowledge to the teams about what’s working and what’s not. He talked about various ways how to create quality content and promote him in order to gain big conversion and click rates. With main message: Content is a King.

Growth Rules went in sign of hands-on program, mentors where very focused on each company and their problems. We received great feedback from both mentors and participants. Teams will continue to work with mentors remotely and they have already started to apply their advices.

There is six months in front of them to try everything they have learn and follow message from the workshop – Test it. Test it. Test it.

Mentors recommendation – Think Big, because… #GrowthRules