True answers to the right questions – ‘Fireside Chat’ with John Ramey

Fourth LSC Belgrade Meetup went in a great mood! We have tried ‘Fireside Chat’ form where John Ramey responded to the questions from the audience.

In just few hours we covered many issues, not only about the nature of startups, but also a lot about life of the founders and their’s everyday fights with numerous problems that this lifestyle carries.

John has shared his experiences not only as a successful entrepreneur from the Silicon Valley, but also his experiences and challenges that he had to fight as a young entrepreneur at the beginning of his career.

John has warned everyone in the audience that his answers will be honest though they can be uncomfortable. And so it was. Entrepreneurs were able to get very direct answers to specific questions, which are rated as very useful feedback.

We are pleased to see you on our events in increasing numbers, and we shall repeat this very soon.

Special thanks to Ket@Ketvit, DataMaid, CyberCity and of course CPN Serbia who helped us make this event special.

Till next time!