Lean day in Belgrade – Lean Startup Circle workshop and meetup, by StartLabs

Belgrade is becoming Lean! We had a Lean Startup Circle workshop and meetup in one day, it was amazing so we will repeat that very soon!

At ‘Customer Discovery’ workshop Tristan Kromer, mentor and co-founder of ‘Lean Startup Circle’ talked about in which ways we can get fast to the first user, validate hypotheses and find problem-solution feet. 

‘Stop talking AT people, start talking TO people’, ‘Customers will lie to you. Consistently’,’Customer who says NO to do product, should consider as a challenge’ – are just some of the takeouts from Tristan.

After the workshop we had a second Lean Startup Circle Belgrade Meetup that gathered fans of lean approach.

It was a pleasure to talk, learn and explore with you. Thank you all for participation and contribution to the startup community in Serbia, your desire for improvement is the main force of its development.

Awesome startup events coming soon!

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