Next Meetup: Startup Lessons learned from China, Berlin & New York

After short summer break we are back with great news! We have prepared for you next StartLabs Meetup, August 22nd, with Yann Girard, successful German entrepreneur where we will talk about social, customers, researching market…

Yann describes himself as an entrepreneurial fool and fan of photography. He was born in Munich and had a chance to work on his startups in Berlin, New York and China.

In his speech he will introduce you to his most important learnings as an entrepreneur and an employee in the VC scene. He will talk about social media, marketing, how to discover and validate customers.

Based on his own experience in entrepreneurial circles he wrote a book «The perfectly executed startup». His goal was to share his important learnings with startups across the world and he is still using every opportunity to advice teams and pass them his valuable lessons.

He currently works on his new book about which he will also talk on this LSC Belgrade Meetup.

Meetup is open for everyone – RSVP here!