Tristan Kromer, entrepreneur and mentor of ‘Lean startup Circle’ in Belgrade

All entrepreneurs who are interested in lean startups will have opportunity to hearTristan Kromer, creator of several successful startups and co-founder of movementLean Startup Circle (LSC) on February 27th in Belgrade.

There are world wide groups within LSC where fans of lean exchange their experiences. Startlabs has now established one in our town LSC Belgrade. This movement, along with Eric Ries, author of “Lean Startup”, is established by entrepreneurs from different parts of the world, in order to share their experiences, tips and tricks about success of companies which are in development.

In organization of Startlabs, first technology accelerator in Serbia, Tristan will hold a workshop “Customer Discovery” where he will talk about the difference between customer discovery and sales pitch, how and where you can find consumers and many other techniques necessary for a good startup. After the workshop, Tristan will speak at open meeting where everybody who is interested in lean startup approach is welcome.

Learn more and apply for workshop or join us at the meetup on Feb 27 in REX, Belgrade.

Participation in the workshop is free, but registration is required. More information about the event and registration you can find here.

Tristan Kromer spent 10 years in the music industry, worked five years in IT security, lived in five different countries, studied philosophy and business (separately), and generally made a nuisance of himself for the past five years in Silicon Valley as a lean startup advocate. Tristan has worked with startups, enterprises, universities and accelerators around the world.

Eric Ries has defined benefits of lean techniques:
Be more innovative, stop wasting people’s time, be more successful.