Day of Pure Networking-Thank You All for Coming!

StartLabs first birthday celebration went in sign of fresh ideas, new faces and amazingly fun people.

StartLabs Open Day was held in Center for promotional Science and we are very grateful to them for being such a good host for all our events.

We spent day in casual atmosphere with the great mood! As we promised there wasn’t any special program, presentations or agenda and this way gave us opportunity to talk about specific companies and problems which founders have in friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

It was our pleasure to met so many people and hear a lot of great plans.

Some of our dear friends have made our day special with product that also ones was just an idea. We had great time with Photo Booth by serial entrepreneur Nikola Vucicevic – Big Thanks!

We are especially pleased that we had time to chat with all of our guest and give them advice or just an opinion about their business. Ourselves have heard and learn so many new things so this kind of networking broth us valuable experience.

Thank you all for visiting our events, see you on our next Meetup 4th November!

More details to come, stay tuned!