StartLabs Meetup with Gary Whitehill

Stop at Nothing. Achieve Everything.

“The best gift any human can receive is the gift to leverage what they are uniquely qualified to do.”

Gary Whitehill lives in the heart of Silicon Valley and is a bold, inquisitive paradigm shifter who vehemently advocates for entrepreneurs in countries all around the world. On this StartLabs Meetup he will talk about:

Building Sales Teams from Scratch: 
-It is all ‘fine and dandy’ to write a piece of code or have a pretty website, but companies need cash flow to survive. Building a sales team is rarely the core competency of a founder, yet knowing the principles of sales does become a distinct advantage in the hyper competitive marketplace. Learn how to build sales programs that work.

Gary believes entrepreneurs need to be at the epicenter of radical global economic development.
In Gary’s view of the world, communities grow rapidly only when entrepreneurship accelerates socio-economic progress through connection, innovation and knowledge-sharing. Currently, he is particularly focused on creating platforms and infrastructure to unlock the invisible and unrealized potential of business ecosystems.

See you @Rex on Tue, Nov. 4th at 6pm !