Marvin Liao with Belgrade startups @StartLabs Meetup #8

Once again, almost one hundred entrepreneurs have visited StartLabs Meetup, on Friday, where guest star was Marvin Liao, partner at US accelerator 500 Startups.

As we planed, five startup companies has pitched their products to the audience, Marvin and partners from StartLabs. They’ve got a feedback from jury and Marvin’s suggestions about improving their products. Next day Marvin had the 1-on-1 sessions with these teams where he could hear all the details and problems, and give them opinion about their pitching and relationship with investors. Beside that, local startups got valuable feedback about further plans for their’s companies.

Marvin has an opportunity to advise startups world wide. 500 Startups acceleration program invests in over 80 startups per year. For that reason Marvin has a pretty clear picture about maturity of startup company when he see’s one. He is known as bad cop in juries and by sharp comments in pitching sessions so this time he has compared local startups with Silicon Valley scene. On 1-10 scale our community scored 6.

In the second part of the evening audience had a chance to chat with Marvin about startup challenges, problems and the most common mistakes, such as screwed cap table and loosing control on your own company.

It was a pleasure to see so much entrepreneurs with high interest in learning and improving themselves. We are happy to be part of your progress and growth!

See you soon with some new cool stuff, stay tuned!