Marvin Liao – Venture Partner @500 Startups on StartLabs stage!

This month StartLabs brings you Marvin Liao, a Venture Partner at global Seed VC Firm & Startup Accelerator 500 Startups based in Silicon Valley.

Marvin serves on the boards/advisory boards of several internet advertising and ad technology companies across the globe. In addition, he is a Mentor for several Startup Accelerator programs in Europe, Israel and the US, helping guide startup teams with their sales, marketing and partner development efforts.

In the first part of the Meetup, few local and prominent startups will present themselves to the audience. Format of their presentation will be a usual pitching format after which Marvin, StartLabs and audience will have a chance to ask few questions and provide feedback.

You will have a chance to see on stage:

  • CarLock
  • Loyalis
  • Fliiby
  • Humintio

For the rest of the evening Marvin will talk with entrepreneurs about Growth Hacking, Online Marketing, Startup Basics of Sales & BD and startups in Silicon Valley in general.

As before, our guest will answer questions from entrepreneurs about their businesses and dilemmas with which they are struggling to survive in the market.


A 10 year veteran of Yahoo! Inc., Marvin has held roles in the various departments of Sales, Business Development, Ad Operations and Marketing. Most of his roles were regional or global management, giving him extensive experience across Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States in his career at the company.

Marvin also invests in Digital Media, Adtech, Marketing Cloud, Ecommerce & Mobile startups across the globe.

September 12th, 6pm, Knez Mihajlova 5, I sprat


We are looking forward to chat with you!