StartLabs Meetup with Yann Girard

Last Friday StartLabs organized another awesome Lean Startup Circle meetup, this time with Yann Girard.

Although we are getting used to having more and more people in audience at each meetup, this time we were pleasantly surprised – again! With more than one hundred entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, geeks, successful startup co-founders and media people, we have had a fireside chat with Yann covering topics on marketing and sales techniques for early stage startups. Getting to first 100 customers is the ultimate first step for each startup, and is usually a hardest step in a startup journey.

Is it necessary for a startup to be physically present on the market it is serving? How to sell something that still doesn’t exist (hint: MVP)? Is it OK to hire freelancers and/or ad agencies to market/sell your product? Those are just some of the questions people in audience had for Yann.

The meetup was organized in the offices of “Center for the Promotion of Science” – probably the best space on Balkans for this type of events. Huge thanks to CPS!

Our next meetup will be on Sep/12, at the same place – so be sure to join our Lean Startup group and be prepared for some real surprises.

About Yann

Yann Girard describes himself as an entrepreneurial fool and fan of photography. He was born in Munich and had a chance to work on his startups in Berlin, New York and China. Based on his own experience in entrepreneurial circles he wrote a book «The perfectly executed startup». His goal was to share his important learnings with startups across the world and he is still using every opportunity to advice teams and pass them his valuable lessons. Yann tweets as @girard_yann